A Day off Work! Amazing Story

Coping with a 9 to 4 job is a very difficult thing for me to do. I hate my Job to be sincere!!  I always long for that moment when one need to get off the tuck in, wear some junky jacky Jacket (that’s my JJJ), roll on my scooter and enjoy some cool fresh air. Sorry,  if you don’t know what i mean by my scooter, here is wiki definition

I will definitely write a book about “A Day off Work!!.

Catch some fun with my Dog

Yea! you guessed it right, Greg was my first play mate, actually we always had to create some new kind of Game on every of these off work Days. But men its not really easy coming up with a new-kind of game a Dog will like.

But our Last walk was the best of of our moment. After a watched a video on youtube about a hand free scooter with two wheels, i thought to myself; “Yeah! Greg will love this” I needed to save up to get some for our OFF WORK DAY, while on search for the best quality self balancing scooter to buy, i stumbled upon that Bizgole, a review site. i love the what i saw, and guess what, i bought one from Amazon the next day and it arrived the next 24 hours.

Luckly for greg and I, the next day was our off work day, i quickly thought over how  i will make use of the scooter, and boom! “A dog motion” video of greg was a good choice. At dawn, i quickly got on my scooter to some mastering, was difficult initially but i easily got over it after i have been riding on other kind of scooters. Right away  i got greg on the move while a rolled on the new “car” with my Hand cam capturing every move of Greg.

It was an awesome day for us all.

Guys to round up this gist, below is a video that help me master my scooter easily

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Welcome to our Blog

Hi Peeps, Good to see you on our new blog,  i am super happy!!

First of all, this is the number one post on this new blog.

briefly, i will say that this blog is the place i will be sharing (i and my friends) all we love and find in the internet.

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